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The RasPi2Pv installation guide


First and foremost, for all electrical installations, national and local regulations must be followed! Do NOT play with high voltage, if you are not familiar with electricity get help from someone with knowledge in those things. To get the RasPi2Pv Hardware running you need some additional components. First of all there is a power supply to offer the required power to the system. Depending on whether you have installed the voltage regulator or not I recommend one of these DIN Rail power adapters with DC 5V or DC 12V - 24V. They are low cost and fit perfectly in a DIN rail installation. You can also use the power supply to power external relais or AC contactors as the build-in relay can NOT conduct high currents! If you are not using the build-in WIFI Interface you will also need a USB Network adapter like this one. Make sure the adapter is suitable for Linux. The adapter is just connected to the RasPi2Pv USB Connector and will be found and configurated automatically. Below you find the connector descriptions.


Connections on Top
  1. S0 GND
  2. S0 in 3
  3. S0 in 2
  4. S0 in 1
  • Raspberry PI USB Socket
  1. Power GND
  2. Power DC +5V to +24V


Connections at Bottom
  1. Relay 1 Out
  2. Relay 2 Out
  3. Relay 3 Out
  4. Relay 4 Out
  5. Relay 5 Out
  6. Relay 6 Out
  7. Relay 7 Out
  8. Relay 8 Out
  9. Relay Common


Connections to external devices


The power supply is connected as follow:
  • Connector N + L <-> AC 100V to 240V
  • Connector -V <-> RasPi2Pv Box Power Connection (5)
  • Connector +V <-> RasPi2Pv Box Power Connection (6)


The LAN Adapter is plugged in the USB Port. No configuration is needed here as the RasPi2Pv Box will aquire the IP Adress from a DHCP Server in the Network. If no such server is availabe a static adress must be configured.


The Installation contactors like the one from ABB:
  • Coil (A1) <-> 12V Power supply. Can be the same as the one powering the RasPi2Pv Box itself.
  • Coil (A2) <-> One of the RasPi2Pv relay outputs (1-8)
  • RasPi2Pv relay output 9 is connected to the Powersupply GND. Can be the same as the one powering the RasPi2Pv Box itself.


A Power meter with a S0 output:
  • S0 + out <-> One of the RasPi2Pv S0 inputs (2-4).
  • S0 - out <-> The RasPi2Pv S0 GND input (1)


Support the RasPi2Pv Project


If you like to support the project, what is very welcome, you can help with a donation (just use the Donate with PayPal button on the left side) or help with translation or other work that is helpful. If you like to work on the project or add your extra features just contact me!